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Our Earth-Friendly “Secret Sauce”

You’ve probably noticed that established clothing brands are manufacturing most of their products using a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Here at Awkward Pocket, we understand that the right blend of fabric material is necessary to optimize the performance and longevity of our products. We also know that it is important to consider the sustainability and ecological impact of clothing sources and manufacturing processes across the world. A quick online search will reveal some of the many significant disadvantages of polyester, including that it does not biodegrade. Simply put, we believe in doing better which is why our shirts are made from a newly available semi-synthetic material known as biofiber or bio-based fiber.

We use biofiber to manufacture our shirts because one third of biofiber’s ingredients come from sustainable annually renewable plant products. The manufacturing process is also more sustainable because it is primarily biological and uses less chemicals. Did we mention that biofiber is 100% biodegradable?! Thank goodness we can avoid contributing to the pollution and landfill problems all across the world.

If you’ve tried our t-shirts then you already know that biofiber also outperforms today’s other popular synthetic options. Our unique fabric is what gives our t-shirts their unrivaled softness, durability, stretch, and shape retention – even after multiple washes. Biofiber for the win!

To learn more about biofiber’s future in the textile industry click here.